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About the
Valpo Creative Council


In mid-December of 2014, the ValpoNEXT Citywide Vision Plan was adopted. The Plan contained a broad range of strategies and action steps to pursue over the coming decade. These strategies were generated by hundreds of community members who participated in numerous facilitator-led workshops and panels to envision the city’s future. Establishing a Creative District was one of the ideas that emerged as an area to explore.

As a result of the ValpoNEXT conversations, and inspired by being a participant in the 2015 quarter-finalist round of the America’s Best Community Competition, the city of Valparaiso chose to develop a Creative District Plan.

The Creative District was envisioned as a place where the community could come together to create, explore, and celebrate arts, culture and innovation. The resulting Plan outlined a vision for the District with 34 supporting actions organized into three organizational themes: Create, Explore, and Celebrate. It is the work of the Valparaiso Creative Council to execute the Creative District Plan.

Mission and Vision of the Valparaiso Creative Council

MISSION: The Valparaiso Creative Council enriches the community by promoting, developing, and advocating for and with local arts efforts, artists, and organizations by providing educational, programmatic, and marketing support.

VISION: The Valparaiso Creative Council believes that when people come together to create, explore, and celebrate art, culture and innovation, communities thrive.

Who is on the Creative Council?

The Valparaiso Creative Council is a group of local leaders, community members, and arts professionals chosen to advance the growth and development of the creative arts community in and around the City of Valparaiso.